About Us

The ECA company is an electronic engineering group located in Tabriz, Iran. Founded in 2004 by Amirali Bolourchian The company`s headquarter is located in Tabriz.

We specialized in manufacturing and selling electronic components, electronic training kits, electronic softwares and etc.

Our main vision is to establish a mutually beneficial partenership with clients and organizations.

services are as follows:

Advice and product offer

Provides expert advicer on ECA services that helps customers save time and cost of product crops.
Nowadays, considering the abundance of ARM-based slates as well as the various manufacturers, product selection is very important. The selection of low-quality, low-cost products may seem cost effective at first glance, but can only lead to heavy losses after entry into work or even mass production. A product offers that includes both price and performance components are our specialties.
Testing different types of boards for both quality and responsiveness is virtually impossible for all manufacturers. Also familiar with all the products on the market, and being up to date is another important issue that matters. ECA, due to the specialized work in this field as well as the sufficient and practical experience with most existing electronic boards, can be a very effective consultant for both product selection and product manufacturing.

Design and customization

Design and customization of hardware, software, middleware and case or cover from services provided by ECA.
If customers need to design the whole or part of the project, ECA is with them and will solve the problems during design and execution of customer projects.

Outsourcing services

ECA, with its vast access to the global electronics market (specialist), can meet all the needs of its customers.
Providing original and high quality electronic components, as well as guaranteeing the quality of the components, is another feature of the ECA index. Parts bearing the original name of ECA are guaranteed quality and ECA is responsive in case of any problem or ambiguity. To order goods from abroad and to supply specific goods to the ordering department.

Tabriz Office:
Address: No.6, Golestan Commercial Complex, Emam street, Tabriz, Iran
Fax: 04135539769
Call number: +984135539778
Email: eShop.ECA@gmail.com

Tehran Office:
Address: No.337, Aluminum Building, Hafez Bridge, Jomhori Avenue, Tehran, Iran
Phone: +982166708910  -   +982166708241